PROJECT is a marketing website with a complex product line representing all 50 states and 3 provinces in Canada. Features include an ecommerce shopping cart, videos, login, and lead forms. The website has more than 1200+ unique urls and millions of unique visits per year. The challenge was to update look and feel, improve user experience, and expand content (full representation of the Study Island product line and associated products of Archipelago Learning) as well as migrate the site to a content management system.

As an Information Architect I redesigned the information architecture of the site and contributed greatly to it’s taxonomy, organization, and navigational site structure. This required I become an SME on Archipelago products such that I had to become intimately knowledgeable of all it’s products and the differences of products offered from state to state and province to province. I also designed the user experience of the ecommerce section and developed front end pages as well as visually designed the pages to be congruent with the rest of the site. As the marketing department‘s web content manager I worked very closely with a third party hired for design and development support and was responsible for collecting assets and compiling a copy deck that could be utilized by that party during development. I coordinated efforts between our in house marketing department and our IT department on design and development issues throughout the life of the project from conception to launch to post-launch.

Summer of 2012 – Study Island launched a much updated and currently relevant website with expanded ecommerce functionality, comprehensive state and province product information, and dedicated focus on other Archipelago educational products. The site has changed somewhat since 2012 but the information architecture of the site is still very much what was set in place from the beginning.