Oh Gay Paree! City of exceptional culture and refinement! Compulsively I signed up for an Expedia 3 day package to Paris 6 weeks in advance of departure. I went alone and was determined to see the renowned Klimt and Hundertwasser show at the Atelier des Lumieres, an all multi-media show with projections and music in a vacuous space. I just could not resist. How wonderful it was-only 45 minutes to an hour for the full presentation which included more than just Klimt. I sat for three rounds before leaving. But I also checked out the cafe/bar that was attached to the Klimt venue. Inside there was another multi-media show of bubbling paint pigments projected on the walls. Meditative and mesmerizing and very French! I sat with a cocktail in hand soaking it all in. The room was full and everyone was seated unlike the Klimt show where the crowd moved around in a huge open space taking in the entirety of the show. Surprisingly in the bar people’s conversations did not distract and I felt very much a part of a French art scene. Also on my list was a trip to other sites I missed when I journeyed to Paris in 2002. That included a visit to the Pompidou, a night at the Paris Opera, dining at a special restaurant recommended by a friend, and the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Traveling alone would not be my preference but I found myself very free to see what I wanted to see and got around with little complication. However I know now that you don’t just hail a taxi in Paris, you look for a queue and wait in line like in Barcelona otherwise you walk and walk and walk and wonder why taxis pass you by and point ahead. Live and learn!